The secrets of Coptic textiles

8th of February 2019

The Fill-Trevisiol Collection of Coptic textiles is now being exhibited in its entirety for the first time. An initiative of the Mariemont Museum in homage to the generosity of Maria Luise Fill and Robert Trevisiol.

Maria Luise Fill and Robert Trevisiol are passionate about textiles and have spent 30 years building, with great taste and expertise, an extraordinary collection of Coptic textiles. In 2015, they donated their collection to the King Baudouin Foundation with the aim of keeping it safe for future generations and making it accessible to the general public.

With around 230 pieces, dating mainly from between the 4th and 10th centuries AD, the collection includes pieces of clothing and textiles for the interior. They bear witness to an immense variety of techniques and styles, an extraordinary palette of colours and a wide range of motifs and figures. Among the most remarkable pieces are some in purple wool that date from the Roman period.

Placed in dialogue with landmark pieces from other public and private collections, this exceptional ensemble is presented for the very first time in its entirety in the exhibition « Of linen and wool. Egyptian textiles from the first millennium » which will be open until 26th May 2019, at the Royal Museum of Mariemont. From their creation to their use in the homes and tombs of Egypt, these Coptic textiles will no longer hold any secrets!

To mark the occasion, the King Baudouin Foundation has created a website dedicated entirely to the Fill-Trevisiol Collection. In addition to the inventory of the entire collection, the website also publishes the results of the scientific research that has been carried out on the textiles since they were donated.

Practical information:

« Of linen and wool. Egyptian textiles from the first millennium »
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