Study day: arboreal heritage

26th of October 2018

This year, the 4th study day, traditionally organised in mid-October by the Laubespin-Lagarde Fund, had as its theme the management of ancient arboreal heritage. Initiated as part of the restoration of the Gardens of Freÿr, these study days aim to share knowledge relating to gardens.

The Laubespin-Lagarde Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Fund, supports the restoration and promotion of the gardens of the Freÿr estate. Within this framework, the Fund held a study day on 26 October 2018 on the theme of managing arboreal heritage.

Our woodland heritage lies at the heart of managing gardens and forests. How to manage the various types of trees? How to differentiate between managing trees in a park and those in a forest? How to conduct a phytosanitary research study? How to ensure the survival of rare species? What conservation measures can be used in the management of remarkable trees?

These are some of the issues that the Freÿr estate has had to deal with as part of the restoration project for its gardens. Sharing the knowledge, experience and reflections that emerged from implementing this project was thus the starting point for the study day. Specialists in dendrology approached the subject from various angles.

Agronomist Bruno Campanella presented the phytosanitary study he carried out at the Freÿr estate. Denis Mirallié, landscape architect responsible for the restoration of the gardens of Freÿr, spoke about the strategy of alignment and protecting the trees during the restoration work. Martin Cléda, attaché at DNF, talked about regulations regarding the protection of trees and hedges in the Walloon Region and forestry expert Olivier Baudry gave a presentation on conservation measures for managing remarkable trees.

In the afternoon, participants visited the gardens and enjoyed three guided tours given by landscape architect Emmanuel d’Hennezel, Olivier Baudry and Denis Mirallié.