Study day: “Gardening knowledge transfer: oral culture and gestures”

14th of September 2017

As part of the restoration project of the Freÿr Gardens, which have been listed as exceptional heritage by the Walloon Region, the Laubespin-Lagarde Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, is organising a study day on the theme of gardening knowledge transfer on 13 October 2017.

Handing down gardening knowledge plays a key role in pleasure gardens in general, but this is particularly true for the gardens of Freÿr, where unique know-how has been handed down since the gardens were created and has been shared between all the various crafts involved. The very special oral culture and relentlessly repeated gestures made across the seasons have been learned by young apprentices over the years and they in turn have passed them on to their successors. Some of yesterday‘s methods have been improved over time, whilst others have gradually been lost.

Over the course of this study day, historians and a range of specialists will broach the many aspects of gardening know-how, in discussion with the audience. The morning programme consists of an academic session, whilst the afternoon will involve a series of workshops in the gardens of the Freÿr estate itself.

Guest speakers:
Jean-Michel Sainsard, specialist, French Minister of Culture and Communication
Herman Vanden Bossche, specialist, Flanders Heritage Agency
Jean-Louis Vanden Eynde, architect-archaeologist specialised in heritage conservation and restoration
Pierre Colignon, Head Gardener, Domaine de Seneffe
Denis Mirallié, landscape gardener
Marc Noël, specialist, Xpoint0 Expertise
Stefan Vidts, landscape gardener and art historian

Target audience:
Owners of estates, parks and gardens, actors involved in safeguarding natural heritage, gardening professionals and students (landscape gardeners, gardeners, stone masons, etc.) and any other person interested in the art of the garden.