Study day: Handing down an estate in the 21st century

17th of June 2019

On Friday, 11 October, the Laubespin-Lagarde Fund will be organising its annual study day at the Château de Freÿr. This fifth event will be devoted to handing down historic estates.

Estates that are often hundreds - or even thousands - of years old have come to us because, over the centuries, they have been able to adapt to change. At the present time, we are going through a period of intense changes and questioning, in relation both to society in general and our ecosystem. Handing down an estate in the 21st century has therefore become a real challenge. This is particularly so for those estates such as Freÿr, who wish to look resolutely to the future by providing appropriate answers to the numerous challenges looming.

From one generation to the next, the challenges for estate managers change and multiply. In order to ensure an estate’s survival, it is essential that changes occurring are identified and considered when anticipating future developments. Anticipating change today will enable us to support the managers of tomorrow in their mission of safeguarding and guaranteeing the perpetuation of an estate.

Which legal status to choose? Who is (or should be) responsible for safeguarding this heritage? What collaboration with government bodies is possible? How can one ally the present and the future? The study day on Friday, 11 October 2019, has as its objective to examine in depth the question of handing down an estate in the 21st century and to highlight potential challenges that estate managers must face in the longer term.

The day’s programme will begin with a more ‘theoretical’ morning, with individual presentations from experts. The afternoon will be more ‘practical’, with a round table of various proprietors and experts to examine the challenges, tools and some practical cases of handing down an estate in the 21st century.

The study day will take place from 9h30 to 16h30 on Friday, 11 October.

The detailed programme will be available as of mid-September.
Registration can be made as of mid-September.