The study of techniques of decoration

19th of March 2014

François Mathis has researched the materials used to make antique copper alloy objects. He has developed special analytical tools that enable far greater information regarding the provenance, composition and production techniques used to be ascertained.

His research has focused particularly on ‘intentional patinas’, which are the result of chemical treatments used by craftsman to modify the aspect or colour of the metal. The analysis of these decorative techniques, which are little known or documented, will lead to significantly greater knowledge about the history of techniques used in antique metallurgy.

These new tools of analysis will also enable us to take a fresh look at the processes used in restoration and protection, as well as providing guidance for curators on better conditions of conservation.

The Professor Jean-Jacques Comhaire Fund supports projects in the field of archaeometry and heritage. It awards the annual Jean-Jacques Comhaire Prize to encourage young researchers to innovate and publish their work in the field of archaeometry.