The Treasure of Thuin: a Celtic Heritage

17th of December 2018

Four staters from the Thuin Coin Collection can be seen at the exhibition "Les Celtes entre Sambre et Meuse" (The Celts between the Rivers Sambre and Meuse). Until 22 April, 2019, at the Malgré-Tout Museum.

Thuin’s Celtic Treasure, which was one of the King Baudouin Foundation’s first acquisitions, is of exceptional archaeological and numismatic interest. These 70 golden coins were discovered by chance in 1980, on the southern side of the Biesmelle Valley in Thuin (Hainaut).

Today, four pieces from the treasure have temporarily are exhican be seen at the exhibition "Les Celtes entre Sambre et Meuse" at the Malgré-Tout Museum. Displayed alongside other monetary treasures from the same period, they illustrate the diversity of coin production in the region, as well as evoking the period of the Gallic Wars.

Until 22 April, 2019, the Malgré-Tout Museum invites visitors to find out more about the Celtic presence in this region. Having the Foundation’s coins in the exhibition also reminds us of the important archaeological excavations that began in June 2018 in the Grand Bon Dieu woods of Thuin.

Practical information:

Les Celtes entre Sambre et Meuse
Musée du Malgré-Tout
Rue de la Gare, 28
5670 Treignes
Until 22 April, 2019
Mon-Fri: 9h30 - 17h30
Sat-Sun and public holidays: 10h30-18h