Welcome to the new members of the Heritage Fund’s Management Committee

23rd of December 2014

Corinne Boulangier, Director of La Première (RTBF), and Michel Moortgat, CEO of Duvel-Moortgat NV, succeed Thomas Leysen in the presidency of the King Baudouin Foundation’s Heritage Fund. Mr Leysin has re-joined the Foundation’s Board of Governors.

The Heritage Fund is committed to preserving Belgium’s heritage by acquiring threatened works and documents. The fund’s collection is entrusted to over twenty-five museums so as to make them accessible to everyone. The fund also coordinates the activities of some sixty philanthropic funds established by private individuals and organisations dedicated to preserving the country’s natural, architectural, moveable and cultural heritage.

The Foundation would like to express its thanks to Corinne Boulangier and Michel Moortgat, as well as to the other new members of the Management Committee, for having accepted this mission to participate in promoting the importance of our heritage.

We should also like to take this opportunity of thanking the former members of the Management Committee. Under their mandate, the King Baudouin Foundation has acquired the profile of an indispensable actor in the field of heritage, including becoming a partner for the BRAFA (the Brussels Antique and Fine Art Fair), which each year offers the Heritage Fund an opportunity to present its most recent acquisitions and projects. Among the fund’s recent acquisitions are the sculpture La Charité, by Jan van Delen, Rubens’s theoretical notebook, the Treasure of Oignies and a number of original artworks by François Schuiten. The Heritage Fund is also increasingly invited to participate in projects launched by other actors in the heritage field. The network project of ethnological collections conducted in collaboration with FARO, the Flemish cultural agency, and the Boekensteun crowdfunding platform are just two examples of such cooperation.