Youngsters head off to the museums!

19th of May 2020

The Irène Heidebroek – Eliane van Duyse Fund has exceptionally recompensed two projects which, in the jury’s opinion, were equally good.

On the one hand is the association Patrimoine à Roulettes (Heritage on Wheels, Villers-La-Ville) for its project ‘Success stories’ developed in collaboration with the Van Buuren Museum. Students at the René Cartigny Institute will use the Van Buren Museum to develop enigmatic video capsules about the museum’s architecture and collection and these will be put on social media. What is the story hiding behind these snatched images ? A communication campaign will be developed by the students aimed at persuading other youngsters to come and solve the mystery. The main objective of the project is to get young people to discover the emblematic Art Deco house that is the Van Buren Museum today, with its important collection of works of art by artists such as Bruegel the Elder, Rik Wouters, Fantin-Latour, Van de Woestyne, Minne and Permeke.

The second project is from the association MUS-E Belgium (Brussels) for its ‘Collections’ project, developed with the Africa Museum. Taking the form of a plan on paper, video-letters and audio-visual capsules that can be accessed by visitors via scan codes, young people from two classes of French- and Dutch-language schools will create, together with two artists and their teacher, a special trail in the museum. They will in turn invite other classes at the end of the project. Here, the objective is to get young people to think again, exchange ideas, and persuade other young visitors to reflect on a museum that offers many windows onto the sub-continent as well as onto the history of Belgium and Europe.

Both of these projects will be undertaken during the 2020-2021 academic year.

The Irène Heidebroek – Eliane van Duyse Fund launches an annual call for projects. Its aim is to encourage young people aged 12 to 18 to develop an interest in Belgian art and history and visit the country’s museums and other places of artistic or historic interest in relation to Belgium. The next call for projects will be launched in September 2020.