Baby rattles

As well as its magnificent bookbinding, Michel Wittock’s collection also includes a unique and very unusual collection of some 500 rattles, given to him by his cousin Idès Cammaert. This remarkable ensemble comes from more than 30 countries on the 4 continents and covers a period of over 40 centuries.

The baby’s rattle can be considered as the oldest toy in the world, often serving as a baby’s dummy or teething stick. For thousands of years, it was also used as an amulet that protected the baby against illness and evil spells.

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Material / technique: 
Silver or gold with ivory, coral, mother-of-pearl, rock crystal or ebony
Type of acquisition: 
Donated by Michel Wittock
Year of acquisition: 
Depository institution: 
Bibliotheca Wittockiana, Brussels