Books with bindings inspired by the work of Pierre Lecuire

Pierre Lecuire, the poet and architect of the book, as well as a friend of Michel Wittock, continually enriched the Wittockiana by offering it a large part of his own poetic work. Works that Michel Wittock had bound by some of the great bookbinding masters.

In 2007, the poet and his wife Mila Gagarine decided to offer to the Wittockiana ten bindings, created by ten important contemporary artists, of the same work, La Nuite bleue, a poetic vision by Pierre Lecuire of the events linked to May 1968 in Paris. The ten bookbinders were Georges Leroux, Pierre-Lucien Martin, Monique Mathieu, Jean de Gonet, Germaine de Coster, Jean Knoll, Mechthild Lobisch, Liliane Gérard, Sün Evrard and Anne Goyand, and to their works Michel Wittock added his own versions of the book, bound by Monique Mathieu, Liliane Gérard, Milena Alessi and Edgard Claes.

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Donated by Michel Wittock
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Bibliotheca Wittockiana, Brussels