Vases decorated with deer

Charles Catteau

This group of vases illustrates the evolution from a simplified, even naive design to an increasingly geometric Art Deco type of design.

On this vase, the animals are represented in a stylized manner. The deer design was incredibly successful commercially and embellished almost all of the forms that Catteau designed, including plates, decorative dishes, monumental vases, ashtrays and cups. Invented in 1925, the design continued to be used until 1948.

Deer were symbols of speed and dynamism, which were valued themes during this period and characteristic of Art Deco. Catteau treated the animal motifs with great flexibility and a lightness of line. He emphasized volumes (of the neck, body and echinus) by using different shades within a range of colours dominated by blue.

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Donated by Claire Depauw and Marcel Stal
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Website Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire, Brussels