Catteau Collection

The Catteau Collection comprises over 800 pieces, assembled by Claire De Pauw and Marcel Stal. The collectors’ overall intention was to create a worldwide reference collection of the works of Charles Catteau and the output of Boch Keramis during the Art Deco period. In homage to Marcel Stal, Claire De Pauw decided to donate the collection to the King Baudouin Foundation.

The strength of the colours

It is above all the strength of the colours in Catteau’s work that attracted Claire De Pauw and Marcel Stal to this ceramist, who had fallen into oblivion. Catteau, who had been recruited by Boch in La Louvière to modernize its products, turned resolutely towards stylization, bright colours and Art Deco. Between 1910 and1948, he drove Royal Boch onto the international scene with his designs inspired by fashion and modern artistic trends, as well as by African and Oriental civilizations.


Through both its size and diversity, this collection reflects every aspect of Charles Catteau’s talents. The Foundation has entrusted the collection to the Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire in Brussels. An online inventory of the entire collection is available to anyone wishing to consult or study the collection.

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