Cobra, le regard d’un passionné

21st of November 2012

To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the museum’s creation, the LAAC is presenting the exhibition « CoBrA, le regard d'un passionné », an initiative of Gilbert Delaine, a committed collector and ardent defender of the CoBrA movement and its artists. The museum has given him carte blanche in the selection and presentation of works.

The exhibition is a unique opportunity to highlight the exceptional wealth of the CoBrA fund kept at the LAAC. The fund’s abundant documentation enables the short adventure of this avant garde movement to be evoked, as well as the international dimension of the CoBrA artists and the role of writers and poets within the movement.

The exhibition brings together an exceptional collection of almost 200 works, including paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints of Belgian, Danish, French, Dutch and even American artists who were part of the CoBrA movement.

Several works from the Thomas Neirynck Collection and the Christian Dotremont Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, have been selected by Gilbert Delaine for this event, notably works by Asger Jorn, Christian Dotremont, Louis Van Lint, Pierre Alechinsky, Raoul Ubac and Serge Vandercam.

Pont Lucien Lefol – Jardin de sculptures – 59140 Dunkirk – France
From 20 October to 3 March 2013
Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10h to 12h and 14h to 18h