The Thomas Neirynck Collection

The collection of public reference for abstract art

The Thomas Neirynck Collection includes almost 700 works, mostly abstract paintings in the tradition of the Jeune Peinture Belge and CoBrA, two movements that enabled Belgian painters to gain international recognition. Thomas Neirynck donated his collection to the King Baudouin Foundation so as to ensure its survival for posterity. The collection has thereby inherited a unique status, that of being the collection of public reference for abstract art in post-1945 Belgium.

A patron in the widest sense of the word

Thomas Neirynck was a patron in the widest sense of the word. Over a period of forty years, he created a unique collection of abstract paintings from the second half of the 20th century. Having himself been marked by the Second World War, the young Thomas Neirynck had a certain affinity for artists who had suffered from being deprived of their freedom of expression. This collection was born out of Neirynck’s fascination for abstract art and the affection he felt for the artists whose studios he visited. He loved being in their company and he provided support for numerous artists.

Internationally recognized

In accordance with Thomas Neirynck’s wishes, the Foundation has entrusted the collection to the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Mons (BAM), where it now forms a central part of the museum’s permanent collection. The ensemble is internationally recognized and several of its works have already been loaned for exhibitions held in Belgium and abroad.

Online inventory

In accordance with the wishes of its patron, the Thomas Neirynck Fund oversees the collection, perpetuating it and making it accessible to everyone. The Foundation has also created an online inventory so that the collection can be made known as well as easily accessible to art lovers and researchers around the world. Publication « Entre Cobra et l’abstraction. La collection Thomas Neirynck » Website BAM Further information about the Thomas Neirynck Fund (in French)