Three Brussels silver dishes at the Maison du Roi

21st of March 2012

Three silver dishes, made by the Brussels silversmith Carolus Jr Timmermans II, are now on show at the Maison du Roi in Brussels, thanks to a dontation by Yvan Struye de Swielande. Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 17h and Thursday from 10-20h.

A set of three solid silver oval dishes. Each dish comprises four double accolades, joined together by small concave segments. The wings are covered with interlacing and foliage engraved on a matt base. The crests of the Wargny d’Audenhove and Merchier families are engraved in the centre of the largest dish. The large dish is 34cms wide and 45cms long. Each of the two smaller dishes measures 27cm by 35cm.

All three dishes bear hallmarks of the city of Brussels:

  • The Brussels hallmark (a cruciferous head of Saint Michael and a crowned lion, standing)
  • Date letter (the letter O signifies the years 1730/1734)
  • Silversmith’s hallmark (A stylised tree between the initials CT, attributed to Carolus Jr Timmermans, admitted to the Brussels Guild of Silversmiths in 1704/1705.)