Travel through time with François Schuiten

24th of January 2020

Original artwork created for the strip cartoons Les Terres Creuses and Les Cités Obscures, from the François Schuiten Archival Fund, will be highlighted at the Musée Royal de Mariemont as part of the exhibition « Bye Bye Future! L’art de voyager dans le temps » (25 January - 24 May 2020). 

From 25 January to 24 May 2020, the Musée Royal de Mariemont is showing an exhibition that explores the imagination of modern and contemporary artists and writers with regard to their vision of alternative futures. Science fiction manuscripts, contemporary sculptures and creations from pop culture and science fiction sit side-by-side to evoke this fascination with the future, mixed with fear and hope.

In François Schuiten’s works, the artist explores parallel worlds and imaginary megacities that lie between fiction and reality. So it is natural that his work is represented in the exhibition « Bye Bye Future ! L’art de voyager dans le temps » (Bye-bye Future! The art of travelling through time).  François Schuiten also participated in the creation of some of the exhibition’s scenography produced by his brother, Luc Schuiten, and Sébastien Faye. 

In 2013, François Schuiten made a donation to the King Baudouin Foundation of the original artwork for Cités Obscures and Terres Creuses, to ensure the sustainability of the documents he created for these works. The artwork has been entrusted to the Bibliotheca Wittockiana. 

Come and see the original artwork for François Schuiten’s strip cartoons, as well as over one hundred other works at the Musée Royal de Mariemont, from 25 January to 24 May 2020!

Practical details:

« Bye Bye Future ! L’art de voyager dans le temps »
Musée Royal de Mariemont 
Chaussée de Mariemont, 100 
7140 Morlanwelz
From 25 January to 24 May 2020