For the fifth year running, the Platform for Education and Talent, created by Sofina and the heirs of Gustave Boël, is supporting talented young people who will represent Belgium in the international Worldskills competition taking place in Kazan (Russia) from 22 to 27 August 2019.

Make a donation to support the restoration of the cathedral

The Richard Forgeur Fund is providing a total of 121,500 euros in support for their restoration.

HRH Prince Lorenz of Belgium visited the Hof van Busleyden Museum, where he had the opportunity to admire a number of works restored with support from the King Baudouin Foundation and the Baillet Latour Fund, including the famous Walled Gardens, which have now recovered all their former splendour.

The Marcel Van Rooy – Élise De Smedt Fund has recently purchased a porcelain bust of the Prince-Bishop of Liege at the BRAFA. This 18th century work bears witness to the great portraiture talent and technical mastery of its sculptor.