'Friends of' Funds

Promoting and safeguarding monuments, sites and architectural ensembles in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe. Improving access to heritage sites, particularly to immoveable heritage sites that have been listed by the competent authorities and are accessible to the general public.
Philanthropists support young musicians and schools of music. Support for the Asbl Music Fund, which collects musical instruments in order to give them to musicians in developing countries.
Philanthropists support De Warande, a club for exclusive meetings located in Brussels. The Friends support the upkeep of the building, which is of great historical value, and projects that contribute to achieving the club’s objectives.
Supporting young professional singers during the early years of their career. Support for the organization of master classes, conferences, internships, workshops and special teaching, given by the best opera specialists.
Philanthropists support projects relating to the park and museological function of the Middleheim Museum.