moveable heritage

Safeguarding and promoting books and objects from the collection as precious testimonies of the arts of the book and bookbinding. Guaranteeing a future for the collection and for the scientific activities of the Bibliotheca Wittockiana.
Conservation restoration and promotion of moveable, immoveable and religious heritage in Flanders and Brussels. The fund is initially devoting itself to the restoration of the Abbaye du Parc site in Heverlee and to the conservation of the Abbey’s precious artistic and cultural heritage.
Philanthropists support projects relating to the park and museological function of the Middleheim Museum.
Finalising the catalogue (launched in 1960) of the complete works of Peter-Paul Rubens. Raising the necessary funds, through patronage, so as to enable completion of the prestigious Corpus Rubenianum.
Promotion of the work and studio-house of Liege artist Armand Rassenfosse.