Patrons’ funds

Encouraging and facilitating the use of investigative methods and control specific to exact sciences (physics, chemistry etc.) and IT, working as ‘auxiliary sciences to history and art history’.
Contributing to development in Walloon Picardy.
Further study grants for talented, young, Belgian craftsmen and women working in heritage crafts.
Promoting and safeguarding monuments, sites and architectural ensembles in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe. Improving access to heritage sites, particularly to immoveable heritage sites that have been listed by the competent authorities and are accessible to the general public.
Philanthropists support young musicians and schools of music. Support for the Asbl Music Fund, which collects musical instruments in order to give them to musicians in developing countries.
Philanthropists support De Warande, a club for exclusive meetings located in Brussels. The Friends support the upkeep of the building, which is of great historical value, and projects that contribute to achieving the club’s objectives.