Patrons’ funds

John Simenon, George Simenon’s son, donated archival documents relating to his father’s work. The fund wants to keep and build the collection relating to the writer’s life and work: manuscripts, typescripts, correspondence, books, furniture and objects that he treasured.
Safeguard the memory of the early days of IT in Belgium by raising the profile of the collections that bear witness to the pioneering days of IT and saving them from destruction.
Philanthropists support the La Loge not-for-profit association in Brussels. La Loge is a centre for contemporary art, architecture and related activities.
Philanthropists support projects relating to the Rubens House and its collections
Philanthropists support projects of the baroque orchestra La Petite Bande, which is internationally renowned. They support research that enables La Petite Bande to play music dating from 1600 to 1800 that is historically accurate and uses instruments of the period.