Funds and projects

On December 3, 2014, the King Baudouin Foundation’s Heritage Fund was delighted to welcome Corinne Boulangier, Director of La Première (RTBF), and Michel Moortgat, CEO Duvel-Moortgat NV, to succeed Thomas Leysen in the fund’s presidency.

A number of supporters from associations active in the field of heritage have set up a ‘Friends of’ Fund with the aim of providing significant and sustainable support.

The aim of the Norma Joossens Fund is to help actors and actresses who have reached the official retirement age but lack sufficient financial means to assure their livelihood. The Fund has just provided support for two initiatives to help them.

The Christian Bauwens Fund has acquired a half-set of jewellery created by Arthur Dufour in the 19th century. This magnificent broach and drop earrings in Second Empire style are the second acquisition made by the fund.

Thanks to the Christian Bauwens Fund, a gondola-shaped dish that was formerly part of the service in Tournai porcelain made for the Duke of Orleans, at the end of the 18th century, is now part of the MRAH collections.