Funds and projects

On 17 November 2014, Ethnocoll is organising a symposium on the challenges facing ethnographic and non-European collections and the legal aspects regarding their return.

The Henry M. Stanley Archives, belonging to the King Baudouin Foundation and entrusted to the Royal Museum of Central Africa, will be studied by pre-doctoral and doctoral students.

It is with great sadness that the King Baudouin Foundation has learned of the unexpected death of Sir Pierre Bauchau. In 1999, Pierre Bauchau and his wife donated to the Foundation a ewer and basin made by Théodore Rasier and which had once belonged to Rubens. This act of great generosity pioneered a new type of patronage, one that has continued to develop ever since.

To mark the bicentenary of the birth of an emblematic figure of jazz in Belgium, the Musical Instruments Museum has devoted a flagship exhibition to him, entitled Sax 200. The Robert Pernet Fund has provided considerable information and numerous documents.

Art historian Jeroen Reyniers has devoted his doctorate to the study of the reliquary of Saint Odile, a major work in the Flemish Community. The Jean-Jacques Comhaire Fund has provided support for the project.