Funds and projects

The Christian Bauwens Fund has acquired a half-set of jewellery created by Arthur Dufour in the 19th century. This magnificent broach and drop earrings in Second Empire style are the second acquisition made by the fund.

Thanks to the Christian Bauwens Fund, a gondola-shaped dish that was formerly part of the service in Tournai porcelain made for the Duke of Orleans, at the end of the 18th century, is now part of the MRAH collections.

On 17 November 2014, Ethnocoll is organising a symposium on the challenges facing ethnographic and non-European collections and the legal aspects regarding their return.

The Henry M. Stanley Archives, belonging to the King Baudouin Foundation and entrusted to the Royal Museum of Central Africa, will be studied by pre-doctoral and doctoral students.

It is with great sadness that the King Baudouin Foundation has learned of the unexpected death of Sir Pierre Bauchau. In 1999, Pierre Bauchau and his wife donated to the Foundation a ewer and basin made by Théodore Rasier and which had once belonged to Rubens. This act of great generosity pioneered a new type of patronage, one that has continued to develop ever since.