Funds and projects

As prizewinner of the Beaujean Fund, which promotes the archaeology and history of Wallonia, Marie Demelenne has received the support of the Foundation for her project to publish Pour une archéologie de la chaux et des mortiers en Wallonie. Her research will provide better knowledge of the historic building materials of lime and mortar.

'Le jardin du guérisseur de Charlemagne à Erasme' is now available online and as a brochure. This project, supported by the Irène Heidebroek-Eliane van Duyse Fund, offers a customized visit for young people, aged 12 to 18, to the medicinal plant garden at the House of Erasmus in Anderlecht.

Thanks to the Baillet Latour Fund, the painting of Goltzius, ‘Apamè usurpe la couronne du roi’ or ‘Les quatre Pouvoirs’, is safe. The restoration can be daily followed by the visitor.

Safeguard the memory of the early days of IT in Belgium by raising the profile of the collections that bear witness to the pioneering days of IT and saving them from destruction.