Funds and projects

Used as door jambs since the 19th century, the emblemata have recently reappeared. The Léon Courtin-Marcelle Bouché Fund provided support for their restoration.

"The Fall of the Rebel Angels" by James Ensor (The Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts) has been restored thanks to support from the Baillet Latour Fund.

The Centre for Education and Talent set up by Sofina and the descendants of Gustave Boël support talented craftsmen, working in Belgium in the field of heritage crafts, by providing grants (of €10,000) for training abroad or in Belgium. Applications for grants should be submitted by 27 August 2014 at the latest.

The Jean-Jacques Comhaire Prize has been awarded to François Mathis, a researcher at the European Centre for Archaeometry in Liege, for his project on the analysis, using non-invasive techniques, of the decoration of old objects made from copper alloys.